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Tips to Plan an Ideal Business Event

Different companies host business events as a part of their CSR projects or even sharing success tips and strategy discussion platform to make the small-scale businesses and young generation draw inspiration from. Sometimes it can also be just a normal celebration event with a lot of networking opportunities to get […]


Moms Guide For Finding Alone Time

Alone time is a foreign concept for most mothers as they always tend to have a trail of kids following them around everywhere they go. The mother of the family is the one who¬† is always sought after by the kids as she is the sole caretaker of the kids […]


Why do We Give Presents at Christmas?

The holiday season brings on times of joy, merriment, and gift-giving. Whether you find the perfect Christmas gift ideas for Mum, spend hours shopping online for a toy for your child, or donate time and resources to charities, there is a definite tie between gift-giving and Christmas. But where does […]


What to look for in a tent

Fixing a tent is an easy task but choosing the right one can be a bit more confusing than you think. Whether you are planning a party or an event, you will have to accommodate other people and having a sunshade will be quite mandatory, especially when it is hot […]