Relaxation and Adventure in Africa

With diverse wildlife and scenic views, Africa makes for a fun and fascinating vacation destination. It’s one place where you can have so many different experiences suitable for couples or the whole family. One of the best African countries to visit if it’s holiday time is Kenya, here’s why.

Being synonymous with safaris, Kenya is host to diverse species of animals, incredible savannahs, snowy mountains, deserts, and beaches. A trip to this one country is the ultimate experience of nature. Devoted to conservation, the Kenyan people will show you their home and its flora and fauna in the most intimate ways.


Take a trip on a Kenya safari and see the Masai Mara, home of the iconic savannah and its big cats. You can watch the migration of the wildebeest if you go in the latter months of the year. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro with the locals, or go to the open plains nearby and see the great African elephants.If you enjoy exploring new cultures, Africa is known for its ancient tribes, and you can meet some of them. They’ll tell you their lore by the campfire and take you camel riding.

There are also plenty of wildlife trusts and elephant orphanages to visit and you can see how animals are rehabilitated and reintroduced to the wild. Or if you can ride a horse, you have the option of enjoying an entire safari excursion on horseback. You’ll have a close up experience with the wildlife that a noisy jeep won’t be able to offer you. You can do the same by camel, which is even better for the close up experience because other animals can’t smell humans too well when there are camels around!

Other sights are Lake Crescent Island where you can have a sailing trip, or check out Lake Naivasha, where you can find old ranches and see grazing hippos. You can be sure you’ll never forget the experience. It’s always best to talk to a guide about where you can go and what activities are available to you so you can make the best of your trip. If you’re staying at a hotel, the staff will be more than happy to advise you on this too.


Now, when it comes to your nights, you can have a stay in a luxury hotel or you could rough it out with the locals. There are plenty of camps, reserves, and villas you can also stay at, and the locals are very accommodating.Whatever your choice of accommodation, make sure to plan well and plan ahead, and make reservations as early as possible. The demand for a great safari experience is steadily soaring and you don’t want to miss out, whether it’s holiday time with the kids, or romance and honeymooning with the love of your life. One thing is for sure though, amazing Africa is a place you have to see.

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