Tips for Choosing the Best Seating at a Live Tennis Match

We are really looking forward to the Australia Open which will commence in the middle of January next year even though we are still months away from the first game. But with each passing year, the tournament is not only experienced by emerging Tennis Players but Tennis fans as well.

So we have come with these simple but useful tips that you will need to bear in mind about your vantage point for 2018’s Australian Open.

Think About Value for Money

If you are even remotely acquainted with Tennis, you will know the price of a ticket could easily be worth a good smartphone. So it would only make sense that you do some research in advance and get some informed opinions about the venue from people who have attended events there before.

In the upcoming Australian Open for instance, whatever match you will be attending will be in one of three court arenas. If it is said, the Hisense arena, then get your eye in on the Hisense arena seating guide to help you visualize the seating structure and layout.

Where Will The Sun Be While You Are There?

It may seem unassuming on television for spectators to be sitting out in the sun watching a Tennis match. But actually, an Australian sun can be brutal on the body. Even if you can suit up to withstand it, we strongly recommend you pay attention to the suns axis over the court during the course of the day lock onto a shady place that will stay shady for much of the game.

Do Not Forget the Rain Either

Melbourne has a habit of treating visitors to all four seasons in a 24-hour time frame. So considering that is important when you are selecting your seat. We recommended a shady spot for to keep you out of the sun. It will keep you out of the rain as well if it comes around. Do not ever take your chances with the weather. It has its own way of taking apart one’s ego.

What Is Your Favourite Angle

Finally, something actually related to the action going on in the middle. While the criteria we mentioned earlier contributes significantly to the experience, this really what it is all about. You are here to watch some high-quality Tennis after all and to compromise that would be a huge disappointment. Whether or not you have attended a game before, you will probably instinctively know already of which angle you would like to watch the proceedings. Perhaps you would like to risk sunburn and soaked clothing so you can be within a range of Tennis equipment being thrown at the audience by the victorious player. Getting your hands on some of that would make the whole thing simply priceless, wouldn’t it?


So there you have it, folks, some important factors to think about as you are staring at your computer screen pondering on which seat you want to click on and confirm your reservation.

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