Planning a Lavish Fantasy Wedding

For those of us who have always adored the traditional fairy-tale/Disney princess look, fantasy weddings are a dream come true. You can take this theme to extremes and not have to worry about seeming over the top, since it’s your big day!


Get creative with your invitations. In staying with the fairy-tale theme, you could print it out on parchment-style paper, have it rolled up and tied with a ribbon, sealed, and hand-delivered right to your guests’ doorsteps! Choose an old-timey font and sprinkle a bit of gold or silver dust over the paper for a “magical” effect.

Set the scene

The perfect spot for a fantasy wedding is without doubt, a fairy-tale castle! If this isn’t easy to come by however, don’t worry, you can make do with whatever is available. A ballroom or hotel should work equally well and you can deck it out to look like a magical castle. More is more for this theme. Turn the sparkle and shine on full blast. Glittering chandeliers, extra tall candelabras, candles in crystal containers, rich draperies and fabrics, ice sculptures… use whatever you can to set the mood. Lighting is important for this theme, so use unique lighting methods to make your venue come alive. Flowers are also an important element, so scatter wherever you can. Roses and other luxurious arrangements such as wedding flowers gold coast are fit for a princess and for you too! Use them in bouquets, as table centrepieces, and even trailing down from the walls and ceiling. Colour schemes for this theme can include everything from pink and gold, to ivory, silver and blue.

Make a dramatic entrance

Fantasy weddings are all about the drama and magic, so don’t be afraid to try something bold and different when it comes to making an entrance. You could arrive at your reception in a hot air balloon, a horse drawn carriage or pumpkin chariot a la Cinderella. Then again, you could just follow the pied piper into the ballroom along with your bridal retinue or have a “town crier” loudly announce your entrance!

Fairy-tale ensembles

You can have a lot of fun choosing the ideal wedding/ball gown, which should preferably be big and frothy. You needn’t stick to a monochromatic white either. Shiny accents in gold or silver or even pink provide the perfect princess-y touch. Hair can be in an updo or half down, styled with luscious curls and topped off with a tiara studded with rhinestones. A veil is optional, but if required, go for one that’s extra-long and trailing. Wear white elbow length gloves and a sparkling necklace or bracelet to complete the look. Shoes should be glittery and high heeled. Grooms can dress like Prince Charming, or if you like something more sombre, in a white tux or coattails. Since pink is the favoured hue of princesses, your bridesmaids can be decked out in varying shades of this colour, with flower crowns around their heads.

And to finish off, don’t forget music to set the mood. Hire a band to play your favourite soundtracks and romantic songs.

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