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Collars and Slings for Rapid Recovery

Injuries can happen to any part of your body in many ways. As a dedicated sportsman, you could be a little more prone to accidents and injuries. However, that doesn’t mean you couldn’t get badly hurt by other means. You do not have to be a highly active athlete to sustain a severe injury. Accidents can happen in many ways, and you could always end up as an unfortunate victim.

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Minor Injuries are No Big Deal

If you sustain mild scratches, bruises, cuts, and wounds, you may be able to get away with a short course of treatment that involve applications of ointments and protecting the affected area with dressings, bandages, and clothing. When you say protection, it doesn’t only mean preventing contact, but also from exposure to germs and bacteria, and sometimes, water.

Internal Damage

On the other hand, you could be subjected to much more severe, internal injuries that affect your tissues, muscles or bones. Sprains pull and fractures are some of the possible internal injuries you could be subjected to as a result of sport or a random accident. Sometimes, these injuries could be so severe, making you unable to move or causing you to lose consciousness. In such cases, you may be revived to a fairly normal condition through quick and intense care. Post that phase, however, you would be required to go through prolonged treatment and therapy to get completely recovered and healed.


In case of a fracture or bone displacement/dislocation around your shoulder or elbow, or anywhere in between, the use of arm slings becomes an essential part of treatment and recovery. Following the required medication and therapies, a sling may be required to be worn around your neck to provide support to your injured arm and keep it in place (avoiding too much movement). Using a sling could also help prevent further damage, thereby speeding up the healing process effectively. A sling is made with types of material to give you just enough comfort, along with an adjustable belt that goes around your neck to hold it in place.

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Head & Neck

When you’ve been affected on or around your neck or the back of your head, again, a couple of combination treatments would be required to promote quick healing. A sprain is a common type of injury that affects the neck. In such cases, application of packs and other kinds of therapy is believed to be a very effective method of treatment. Alongside this process, your health doctor might also recommend the use of a collar which plays almost a similar role as a sling. A collar provides support but most importantly helps keep your head and neck more stable by allowing minimal or no movement. As previously mentioned, excessive movement can aggravate your condition and slow down the healing process. Using a collar, although a little annoying, can ensure a quick recovery.

Physical injuries are no fun. In fact, they can make you miserable. However,the majority of the time they aren’t permanent. But, that could also depend on how well you corporate and how much you are willing to do to get back in shape and start rolling.

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