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Main Factors That Affect Your Car’s Handling

It is all well and good having a car that looks gorgeous and is capable of incredible speed. But what is perhaps even more important than these two is the way it handles. A car that handles well is obviously well put together by people who know what they are doing. And to gain a better appreciation of that, we shall now take a look at the main aspects of car design that must come together to deliver great handling driving machine.

1.      Suspension

It is important that the car’s tires are in contact with the road at all times, even at high speed or when you go over a speed bump. The distance between the top and bottom of the suspension is called ‘suspension travel’ and it is important that you maintain this distance to make sure that your car handles well.

2.      Tires

Tires are for all intents and purposes, the car’s running shoes, and they have a significant impact on the way your car handles. First off, you need to get the psi within the tires exactly right, no over inflation or under inflation. You can do this with the help of tire pressure monitoring sensors. You should also make sure the tires have enough tread on them to afford an ample amount of traction and grip. These are crucial for good handling.

3.      Shock Absorbers

These are what absorb energy that the car generates while driving. Proper functioning shock absorbers are not only good for handling, but for comfort as well. If yours are not balancing the car and cushioning you as well as they should, consider getting them replaced.

4.      Aerodynamics

There are no fancy physics to be learned here. The whole point of aerodynamics in a car is to generate force using the weight of the air passing over the body. This can be achieved with specially-designed body panels like rear wings and spoilers. With a significant volume of air pushing the car into the road as it moves along, you will be afforded a lot more control particularly at higher speeds.

5.      Traction Control

This would have been unheard of in cars from the previous century, but now it is very much a standard feature. In fact, it has been made a mandatory feature by the Insurance institute for Highway Safety for cars intended to be labeled as a “Top Safety Pick.” Traction control is essentially a system that senses when your car is going out of control and appropriately applies the breaks on its own to stop you from crashing. While it may not be a fool-proof solution, it certainly has prevented several serious road accidents from happening.

6.      The Environment

Yes, how could we forget Mother Nature? She is always a crucial factor that affects your cars handling. Inclement weather can make the road surface very slippery and difficult from the tires to grip. You best hope is to drive slowly or apply a few modifications.

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These are the main factors that would impact the handling of any car.

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