Essential Tyre Care Tips for Car Owners

The tyres of your vehicle are literally the foundation the car functions on. The tyres hold the weight of your car and also take a massive beating when being driven on the road. Therefore, responsible car owners must regularly take good care of tyres. Most tasks can be performed at home without the need for a mechanic. Here is a list of the most essential tyre care tips to know about as a good vehicle owner:

Check Tyre Pressure Routinely

The biggest issue facing tyres is the pressure. It should be kept at a recommended level for smooth driving on the road. Over inflation or too much deflation could pose a safety risk when your drive, especially on wet roads. The inflation levels of tires really depend on the territory you are driving in. For example, well-inflated tires are highly necessary when driving on highways. On the other hand, if you are driving in the outback, you might need slightly deflates tires to navigate the road carefully. Use a pressure gauge at home to test tyre pressure routinely. Nowadays you can install digitized systems that will make the life easier for car owners.

Do the Tread Test

You must also regularly test the depth of the treads of each tyre. The treads are the rough patterns on the tyres. These are not there for decorative purposes. The treads determine the friction between your tyre and the road. It’s the treads that keep the tyres from slipping off road. The treads have an ideal depth, which should be maintained to ensure optimal performance. You can do a visual test to see how worn out the treads are. Use a coin to determine where the treads are wearing off. You need to perform wheel alignment on each tyre as a necessary preventive method against excessive tread wear. Also, alignment rotates the wheels so no one side experiences excessive wear over the others. Find a reliable wheel alignment specialist Perth to have your tyres rotated and aligned to keep tyre wear to a minimum.

Change Tyres When Going on Road Trips

Not all tyres are made equal. The tyres that your car came with are suited for driving on carpeted roads. If you are going off road on a trip or something, then you may need to change your tyres accordingly. Rougher terrain may require different types of tyres for safe driving. Before you go on a trip, stop by the auto mechanic to ask whether the tyres you have on your vehicle are suited for the driving you intend to undertake.  It will percent your tyres from undergoing severe wear or risk tear on road trips.

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Rotate Tyres

Tyre rotation refers to replacing front and back tyres to ensure that wear is even throughout. It’s highly recommended to rotate your tyres every 5,000 miles, or as recommended by an auto mechanic. Maintaining even wear is essential for driving in traffic.

Use the above methods to take excellent care of your car’s tyres. Otherwise, you may risk an accident. Lack of care can also lead to expensive tyre replacements.

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