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Tips for Hiring a Wedding Band for Your Big Day

A wedding band is a staple for entertainment on your big day. Hiring a wedding band can add an extra cost to your plans, but it can be well worth it. Think about it. You can play music but it will never engage the guests in attendance in a way live music can. A wedding band can also uniquely render the couple’s favourite songs. Most professional bands are good at assessing the mood of the crowd to keep the wedding hyped. Now that you know the many benefits of hiring a wedding band, here is a list of tips to help you hire the best wedding band:

Exclusively Search for Professional Bands

While you can hire any local band, a student band, or even family members to play at the event, it’s best to choose a group of professional performers. The advantage is that the professionals know what to do. They are good at keeping the crows entertained and also playing until the ceremony ends. In other words, the levels of professionalism of full-time wedding bands will be unmatched by anyone else. These bands are good at choosing set pieces and overcoming minor challenges, unlike the amateurs.

hiring wedding band for big day

Look for Genre Flexibility

A wedding is not like a rock concert. The guests in attendance would have varying tastes when it comes to music. Therefore, it’s more beneficial to hire a professional wedding band that can play multiple genres. For example, Paris By Night is a pro wedding band known for its flexibility when it comes to paying music as well as the size of the set. You can hire this group for an intimate three-person live performance or hire the entire 10 players to really rock the house. Likewise, find wedding bands with flexibility to suit the preferences of the bride and groom.

Seek Recommendations and Referrals

A band can be great at playing music, but how are they engaging an audience? If you want a band with great stage presence, ask around for recommendations. You can ask recently married friends or colleagues about their choices for wedding bands. Afterwards, you can research the band and ask their willingness to appear for your big day. Get both pros and negatives from the person making the recommendation. While you can pay attention to a referral, it’s important to keep a clear head to make the right decision.

Consider Experience and Reviews

How many times has the band played at weddings before? Are you hiring a seasoned band or a total newbie? A seasoned band would be better equipped to face various challenges of performing for a live audience. A non-experienced band may be cheaper, but the chances of the performance not going smoothly are high. Therefore, always consider how experienced the band is to get the best performance. You can also check out online reviews for the band if any are provided.

How is the Communication?

Is it easy to communicate with the band? If there are changes made to arrangements, could a band handle it in a clam manner? Communication is key when it comes to fostering goodwill among trade representatives. So don’t hire anyone you find it hard to communicate with.

Heed the above tips and you will be able to find the perfect wedding band on your big day.

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