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Special Events in Australia, 2018

Are you planning on being a part of the many different special events, significant day celebrations and festivals of Australia in 2018? Then here are some of the events that really need to make it on to your bucket list this year. Even if you are planning to travel to Australia this year, see if you can fit in any of these into your schedule.

Australia’s Most Important National Event

Celebrated with splendor each year on the 25th of April, the occasion marks the anniversary of the crucial military battles that were fought by the brave veterans of Australia and New Zealand during the First World War. Today the Anzac day tickets give a chance for everybody to see the Australian Football League battle it out on the field. You will also be able to see people taking part in walks and marches that are held in honour of those war heroes at this special event. If you want to feel the spirit of the nation, make sure that you are there on 25th April.

Commonwealth Games

Starting on the 4th of April and scheduled until the 15th of April the nation will witness athletes from 70 different countries arrive at the Gold Coast for the 2018 Commonwealth Games this year. However what is interesting this year is the Festival 2018 where you can see some of the best local and international artists, musicians and performers put on their best displays of talent. This 12-day celebration of arts and culture will display everything that starts with the Aboriginal art forms to their traditional music. The program is one that is much anticipated and you definitely must not miss it.

Vivid Sydney 2018

Vivid is a festival that is known for the glorious lights and music and this year it just so happens that it is their 10th anniversary. It is going to be a unique show where the whole city comes alive with light and festive spirit. Hundreds of light shows will be installed and projected onto buildings this day amid live music that is tasteful and nothing short of world class. You will also be able to see some seriously innovative and cutting-edge ideas on display for the day. It is a great place to be in especially if you have kids with you who will be sure to enjoy watching giant animals made of light projections roam around the city.

The Noosa Food and Wine Festival

Located on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast area, Noosa is one of the country’s most sought-after beaches. It is absolutely magnificent in its beauty and is just the perfect size for people to go in and have a lovely day. There are so many restaurants and cafes around that you can indulge as much as you want to. There will be a lot of events that foodies will absolutely love and also great music in the Festival Village. There will fresh produce around and brewery tours of hinterland will also be available. In short, it is a really great way to absorb a lot of the Australian culture and just kick back and have some fun in the process.

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