How to wrap food gifts?

Of the many gifts you can give a person, gifting them something they could eat, is easy. Although it doesn’t involve much thought, there is an effort you’ve got to make to prepare it. They say that presentation is everything. Similarly, even when it comes to gifting a person some baked goodies, how you packed them matters. Here are some tips you could use to wrap a gift you baked!


Store bought cake can easily be wrapped up fancily along with the food packaging singapore they provide you with. However, when it comes to a cake you bake at home, is it much different. The cake you bake at home is in your pan and while it is perfectly alright to gift it, with it, it would be much better to gift your cake in a fancy way instead. You can use a cardboard bakery round, clear vellum gift wrap and ribbon for this. Place the cake on the board and wrap the transparent vellum around it, to seal it. You could then tie a rubber band at the top to secure the gathered ends and finish it off with a red ribbon on top to cover the tie.

Cinnamon rolls or caramel crunch rolls

Here instead of giving these baked goodies in your beloved ceramic pan, you could use the disposable tin foil pans that are easily available in just about any store. What’s even best about this is that, you can also use it in the oven, which means that these could be made on the tin foil itself. Get a transparent cover of the right size to fit the container and close it. To make sure it wouldn’t fall off, you can secure this in a fabric holder and finish it off with a bow and a note on the side!


Jam is something that could easily be made at home and shared with just about anyone. So if you are thinking of gifting some to a friend, the ideal packing for this would be a mason jar. Grab a jar which has been washed well and sterilized, and pour your mix in to it. While these cool down, get a pair of scissors and chop off some checkered fabric or any other kind of fabric, to be placed on the top of the jar. Secure the lid over the fabric and seal the jar. Hang a little note on the side if there’s any special instruction about storing these and nail the homemade look like a pro!

You could also wrap up bread in parchment with a ribbon tie and biscuits in a zip lock to make sure its air tight. Whatever it may be, try to hit the rustic homemade look by adding in little details as well. After all, presentation is key!


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