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Tips for attracting a solid investor base for a startup in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of the most fertile markets of Asia and the world in general for businessmen to establish their businesses and also for small time visionaries who plan on starting up an enterprise from atom. While it is easier for multinational corporations to acquire the funds, they need to expand their businesses in any market place, startups must work hard to do this. Most banks will hesitate to provide loans for a small-time businessman with a mere idea and this can demotivate most startups even if they had a very good concept to begin with. As such, they are left with the option of attracting a promising set of investors who are always on the lookout for good ideas and ambitious entrepreneurs. These three simple yet effective tips will assist you in convincing potential shareholders for your enterprise.

The venue

After communicating about your proposed product or service to investors and getting that all important ‘OK’ from them, you must invite them to a venue where you must make a great first impression by making a presentation. The atmosphere where this meeting is held will certainly be a contributing factor for convincing them and you must carefully select a place that is professional in nature and is conveniently located from where your investors stay. It’s always better if you have your very own office space or building, but if you don’t, hire one of the facilities for meeting room rental Hong Kong city has to offer. Don’t forget about providing refreshments or meals for the invitees for which you may get the services of a catering service along with servers.

Number based presentations

Investors in the metropolis of Hong Kong are naturally great with numbers as they have financial backgrounds and expertise. Therefore, they naturally appreciate being presented with detailed market analysis where by you can evaluate the current state of the market and make financial forecasts for the future. Some entrepreneurs make the mistake of not including numbers in their presentations and expects the investors to go through the trouble themselves, which is never a good way to go.

The presentations must also be well formulated and detailed using presentation software such Microsoft PowerPoint and Microsoft Excel. Make sure that your office or the meeting room rental where the meeting is to be held has the necessary equipment and electricity access to conduct a presentation that is professional in nature so as to convince the investors.

A prototype

Each and every day, more and more entrepreneurs, each with a more profitable and practical idea are born in the market. However, according to expert investors who has empowered several hundreds of small businesses in Hong Kong, it is difficult for them to say yes to a mere idea that is not backed by any material evidence. By supplementing a smart business concept with a working prototype which must be developed to reach industrial standards will surely help convince even the toughest of investors, ensuring the inflow of some much-needed funds to kick start your enterprise.

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