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How do you go about getting a divorce in Singapore

To be in a marriage that just does not have any love in it anymore, where you and your spouse are just glorified roommates is horrible.  It is also heartbreaking. You start a marriage with vows promising commitment and companionship forever and to see those very vows become chains that tether you to a marriage that is both unfulfilling and unhappy is just sad. At that point your marriage can be meaningless. There is nothing in for you anymore but just pain and sorrow. So divorce can be your only option to find happiness.

However divorce is not just a matter of the heart, it holds legal implications. And the procedure to get a divorce is both complex and long therefore if you want to get a divorce you should choose a competent divorce lawyer. In Singapore, there are many divorce lawyers so choosing one might be difficult. Try to enlist the help of any attorney you know or seek legal counsel from a law firm who could provide you with advice and could direct you to an experienced lawyer capable of handling the case.

As mentioned above divorce proceedings can be quite long. This is because in Singapore Divorce proceedings consist of two stages; Dissolution of Marriage and other Ancillary matters.

The first stage may seem pretty straightforward however it is not. To be eligible for divorce in Singapore, you need to meet certain conditions. The first condition is regarding citizenship in Singapore. The second condition is that the couple should have been married for at least three years. The third is where things most of the time get difficult; you need to show that there is an Irretrievable breakdown of Marriage.

The third condition can be shown or proved by one of four things; Adultery, Unreasonable behaviour, Desertion and Separation. Unreasonable behaviour is behaviour by one spouse which brings about the question of whether the other spouse can be reasonably expected to live with their spouse? Issues such as Domestic violence and other minor behaviour that when taken together can make it unlivable would fall into this category.

Once a divorce is approved of an Interim judgment would be passed, where after other auxiliary matters should be sorted. These pertain to Alimony, Division of Assets and Custodianship of Children, etc. If these are matters are sorted and a period of three months has passed since the interim judgment, the couple can request the judgment to be made final. After which the divorce proceedings would draw to a close.

Therefore if you are looking into getting a divorce consult with legal counsel and decide what you have to do and what your case is going to be. Hopefully everything would turn out well for you and you should be able to achieve the happiness and closure you are seeking.

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