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Planning a Birthday Party- Key Aspects to Consider

A birthday is always an exciting time to surprise your child with a memorable and enjoyable party. You can plan a fun-filled party for your child by following some tips given here. Everything from the decorations, to the entertainment, games, and food can be planned according to the likes of your birthday boy or girl. Most one-year Old’s birthday parties are organized on a grand scale with much enthusiasm to celebrate a joyous milestone of a little one. But don’t worry, with careful planning it does not have to be a very expensive event but a fun and memorable one for close family and friends.

Decide On the Budget

Whether you want to have it on a grand scale with entertainers and a 3-course meal, or a very intimate affair for close family and friends, it is important to decide on how much you are willing to allocate for the event. With a budget planned out, you can easily set about organizing all the other different aspects of planning a party. This could include any party, so scout for baby shower venues Melbourne and see how many guests you can invite. This will be made easier with a budget in mind.

Drafting the Guest List

When it comes to the guest list, this largely depends on the parents and the family. However, if the child is above five years, getting them involved on who to invite is a nice gesture. Most often for shower’s and birthday parties for small children, it is a very close event for family and friends. The number of people you choose to invite will also depend on the budget you have allocated.

Choosing the Location

The venue of the party is on decided after getting an approximate count of the guests so that the activities involved and size of the location can be estimated accurately. If you decide to have the event in your own home or garden, it would be far less stressful. However, with locations elsewhere, pre-booking and making sure everyone will fit in comfortably is important. Make sure that the location does not take up too much of the finances as other expenses such as food and décor are the next important factors to consider when planning a birthday party.

Picking Decorative Themes

Mum-to-be parties would be themed according to the gender of the baby if it is known, or otherwise with neutral themes. A child’s birthday party however can be themed in whatever way he or she likes. If they are old enough to be asked to pick their own theme, then make sure to get their ideas, after all it is their party. Themes can vary from dinosaurs and cars for boys to Disney princesses or tea parties for the girls.

Food and Drinks

The main focus of any birthday party would of course be lots of cake and desserts so make sure you know everyone’s preferences especially the birthday boys or girls and have fun with prepping the food and beverages. Having finger food is ideal as this creates less of a mess and is a light and easy meal for preparation and for your guests to enjoy.

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