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Thinking of renovating your historic house? Here are a few pointers you must keep in mind!

Any form of home improvement project will require a substantial amount of time, money and effort on your part and when it comes to renovating a historic property, the job will become a lot more challenging and difficult. Owners of such residences often decide to sell them off at very low prices because they are too afraid to undertake a restoration project that might cost way more than what they want to spend.

This fear is only rational because there are many homeowners in today’s society whose endeavors turn into nightmarish money pits soon after getting things started. However, with the right level of planning and preparation, you will be able to successfully see through the entire enterprise till the end, and in this article, we will provide a few useful pointers that will surely help you with it.

The perfect team

An everyday home-improvement project will have no need for any specialists or experts. A regular contractor will be able to estimate just how much work must be put in, how long it will take and how much all of it will cost. However, renovating an old house is so much more than that and if you want your money to be spent on nothing but the best people, be sure to look for them. Only a certified HDB renovation contractor who has plenty of experience in the field will be able to show your ancient piece of real estate the care it deserves and only such an individual will know how to cater to you exact needs. You may also involve a local historian who will have a great deal of knowledge about the value of your property, so that you can make an informed decision about what additions and reductions you want to make.

Beware of water damage

Water is truly the silent killer of old houses! Specialist home renovators take this matter very seriously and pay an extra level of attention towards getting rid of and preventing water damage, while most homeowners who doesn’t, learn this lesson the hard way. Start by keeping an eye out for signs of water damage in areas such as windows, floors and windows which can easily get infested with the condition. Moist environments are also highly preferred by microorganisms and insects who will multiply into massive numbers in very little time to make your home their kingdom.

Hire a professional to examine your sill plate, which is the bottommost structure of your house which holds everything else above it and is most exposed to moisture. If certain parts of the floor are crooked, that is probably because of warped sill plates, which requires immediate attention.


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