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Top Malaysian Islands to visit

The beautiful country of Malaysia is located in the Southeast Asia. It is well known for its exotic islands. These islands aren’t like any other island. They come with some gorgeous beaches, lush-filed rainforests and you will get the opportunity to enjoy some amazing cultures. Many of these islands are famous for diving and snorkeling. Visitors are given the remarkable opportunity to enjoy the marvelous views, experiences, adventures and so. But, these beaches aren’t the only thing that these islands are boasting about. They also have a rich history and culture. You will be enjoying the real-authentic lives of these cultures. Well, here are some of the best picks that you must visit.



This is considered to be the best holiday destination in Malaysia. Langkawi isn’t just one island. It is a group of islands, 99 Malaysian islands in the Andaman Sea. Out of all these islands, the largest one is Pulau Langkawi. Langkawi offers the tourists a wonderful experience which consists of mountains, rainforests, beaches and so much more. You will be given the chance to see and engage in many things. The cable ride up to Gunung Mat Chinchang, a beautiful journey across the sky bridge (where you will be able to see some views across Thailand), a trip to the highest peak in Langkawi, Gunung Raya, and some some visits to the LamanPadi Rice garden are just a few things that you must definitely enjoy in this island.

Perhentian Islands


This is the best pick for budget travelers. Here again, you will come across many islands but the two main ones are PerhentianBesar and Perhentian Kecil. They have some remarkable beaches and some great diving spots. The tropical jungle is a must visit in these islands. The best part of perhentian islands is that it consists of cheap accomadation. therefore, you wont have to worry about the money. Just visit, enjoy and explore.


This island is well known for being a star in the 1958 movie “South Pacific”. This itself shows how beautiful the Tioman islands are. They are considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the world. It is commercially developed but still preserved the natural beauty it has been gifted with. There are so much to experience in these islands. The wildlife, corals, sea creatures and so much more. Not only that there are so many activities to enjoy as well. So, we highly recommend you take some time to enjoy all these while relaxing at a soothing tioman resort. You will definitely have one great experience. Its a must visit.

These are just a few islands that Malaysia boasts about. So, next time you are looking for a great destination to travel keep these beautiful islands in mind.

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